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Your $200 contribution to the GREAT TRACK ATTACK will keep up the progress towards an ever-improving track and a better spectator experience.
Over the last 10 years, contributions and volunteerism have transformed the Spokane County Raceway. But we’re not done yet!

Labor from volunteer friends and the Inland Northwest AGC apprenticeship program must be leveraged with cash for fuel, asphalt, lumber, etc. Give now, please, so we can get the work done before the season begins.

As always, racers, spectators, volunteers and friends are in this together, towards this year’s $12,000 plans.

Vital and steady upgrades began 10 years ago. Since then, a long list of improvements to the track, grounds and spectator areas have been created with contributions and hard-working volunteers. This is a continuation of the improvement process.

More about the AGC Apprenticeship Program:
SPOKANE FESTIVAL OF SPEED, a 501c(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization.

Proposed Work 2018
  • Move compressed tire bundles, outside turn 2 as far away from track as possible. Add double row of standard tire barriers and additional pea gravel to outside of the first half of turn.
  • Remove material and level inside turn 2 from midpoint of turn through the apex to increase driver’s line of sight around turn 2. Also, improves line of sight for the entire track from turn station1 to turn station 2a.
  • Move berm away from track and create a flat earth bank on driver’s left from approximately turn 3 to the drag race weigh station at turn 4. This will require material removal and the installation of a single row of strapped tire barrier the entire distance. (1,000 ft.). Will also create a 16 to 18 ft. shoulder on drivers left.
  • Complete the areas in front of turn stations 1, 2a, and 3 with additional material removal and the installation of a single row of strapped tire barriers.
  • Complete the short course by removing the berms and flattening the areas on driver’s right and left from the main straightaway around the “drag return road” and back on to the main track at turn 3. This will involve some barrier changes at the turn entrance and exit and a new turn station. This may be delayed or finished in 2019 depending on AGC’s availability.
  • Paint barriers
2019 and Beyond...
  • Remove and flatten the berms from turn 3 to turn 4 on driver’s right. This will involve moving material to the west and create a 16 to 18 ft. shoulder and a better run off area.
  • Build a new communication and timing / scoring facility. Preliminary discussions include moving to the top of the hill behind (to the northwest) of the existing trailer. Will allow the extra jersey barriers and tire barriers to be removed from their current location in front of the trailer. Will include the removal of the existing concrete foundation.
  • Cut and repave the bump in turn 1. Will require an asphalt company to assure a smooth transition, which is the purpose of the work.
  • Cut and repave the bump between 2a and 3. Will require an asphalt company to assure a smooth transition.
  • Repave the pre-grid area.
About us

The Spokane Festival of Speed is a 501c(3) non-profit, all-volunteer organization dedicated to sharing its love of vintage road racing to support the Inland Northwest’s Parkinson’s disease community. The first weekend of June each year, the Festival joins with SOVREN – the Society of Vintage Racing Enthusiasts – and Porsche of Spokane to present the Inland Northwest’s premier road racing event.

Where to find us

2022 Festival of Speed Historic Grand Prix at:
Qlispe Raceway Park
750 N Hayford Rd
Airway Heights, WA 99001

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